Agile Adventures is a unique series of business novels written in the gamebook format where you’ll experience common yet daunting challenges that come from using Agile methods. Each adventure presents tools and techniques in a fun and engaging way so that you can apply them to your work right away.

What’s a gamebook?

A gamebook puts you, the reader, in the driving seat of the story. In each Agile adventure, you get to decide what to do. Once you’ve made your choice, turn to the corresponding section to find out what happens next. Keep reading until you have to make your next decision. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of your adventure.

Each adventure is a test of your skills, knowledge, and experience. And unlike in the real world, if at first you don’t succeed, you can make different choices until you get things right.

Other examples of gamebooks include childhood favourites such as Choose-Your-Own-Adventure and Fighting Fantasy.

Who created Agile Adventures?

Portia Tung is the creator of Agile Adventures and is passionate about people, process and continuous improvement.

She is a consultant-coach, storyteller, and games maker who combines business strategies with play to bring about positive organisational change. Portia is an international speaker, and the creator of concepts such as Agile FairytalesPlaymaking and Enterprise Gardening. She shares her insights and experiences as a coach and parent on her blog Selfish Programming.

Portia Tung in Action


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